Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I read the articles: emerging technologies changing libraries; this article brought up things that I've never really thought about. I realize that technology is being integrated into libraries. A friend and I just had a talk about the dewey decimal system and how no one really gets taught it anymore. You go to the library and look up a title online instead of in a card catalog. The article talked about using blogs and what not for things like book reviews as well. That's an idea but I don't know if I see that being integrated into public libraries just yet. Isn't that what book clubs and all that is for?
Examining social software in education: I enjoyed reading this article. When sites like facebook first came out, they were great ways to keep connected and share your thoughts with the world. Now, they've become slightly differend. They are still a great way to stay connected, but businesses and schools are using them more and more to see what's going on with employees and students. I have torn feelings about using facebook in school. It's a good way to get students to keep up to date with class because they're probably on facebook all the time, BUT, the beginning of the article when the author talked about using internet to keep up with students and those that were being adviced king of bothered me. Personally, I like the one on one contact with my advisor and knowing they care enough to set time aside to see how I'm doing.
Web and Library 2.0: This article was very interesting to me because I had no clue what Library 2.0 was or even Web 2.0. It changes thinking from libraries being old, boring, dusty places to new and more exciting!

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